Vaillant Boilers West Midlands

We are able to offer an extensive range of Vaillant boilers through our on going partnership, including combination boilers and heat only.

Here are a few reasons to choose a Vaillant boiler:

-10 Year Warranty’s on all Vaillant boilers.
-Quiet mark accreditations.
-Up to 89.1% efficiency saving you money on you annual gas bill.
-Rapid hot water delivery.
-Compact and Lightweight with stylish design.
-Simple and easy to use built in controls.
-Guaranteed fixed price installation.
-We could help you spread the cost between three to ten years.

All boiler replacements carried out by RJM Multi Trade will include a power flush of the system using an ADEY Magna Cleanse system with both Clean and Protect chemicals to ensure that the system is thoroughly cleaned before any work is carried out.

Once the new Vaillant boiler has been installed, an ADEY Magna clean Filter is added to ensure that the boiler is protected as well as it can be.

Finally, samples of both the system and mains water are taken and then sent to ADEY’s state-of-the-art R&D facility in Kent, which is the only laboratory in the HVAC sector to be accredited by UKAS.

Once the water test has passed, the customer is sent a water test certificate to further back up their boiler’s warranty. 



Combining a complete range of smart technologies and features, you can be sure you’re receiving the very best when you have a new ecoTEC exclusive installed. As well as providing great performance, the new ecoTEC exclusive intelligently manages consumption and output to keep all its components running at peak performance, for longer, providing a low-maintenance solution that you can rely on.

The ecoTEC exclusive range consists of two large output combination boilers with Extra-Condense technology, and a single system boiler, which includes an integrated diverter valve for the first time in UK Vaillant history.

Features and benefits: 

  • Wide modulation range of up to 1:10 - adapts perfectly to every situation, therefore your ecoTEC exclusive boiler will not sure any more energy than it needs to - ensuring fuel bills are kept to a minimum
  • Extra-Condense heat exchanger - taking overall combi boiler efficiency to the next level – offers the highest efficiency levels to reduce energy bills
    Green iQ Mode - outstanding eco-credentials from Vaillant’s latest boiler range, which optimises running cycles, results in even lower gas consumption and the boiler is highly recyclable (85%) at the end of its life 
  • High power, 43kW output model available - delivers Vaillant’s highest ever flow rate of 17.8 l/min 
  • Compatible with Vaillant’s vSMART™ heating control - when a vSMART control is added the ecoTEC exclusive will achieve an A+ ErP rating, making it welcome in any switched-on, energy-conscious home


EcoTEC plus is Vailaints flagship boiler range, available as a combination, system or regular boiler for different home requirements. Your boiler type will vary depending on lots of different things such as the size of your property and how much hot water you use.

To ensure our boilers have the Vaillant quality assurance, each one is hand assembled by one specific operative from start to finish in the UK using world class German engineering. Giving your boiler outstanding performance with low energy consumption for hot water and central heating, which can help save you money on your fuel bills.

  • Stylish, contoured boiler with a flap that reveals a simple to use backlit display which makes operation very easy

  • Features a tried and tested, top quality stainless steel heat exchanger for efficient operation
  • Awarded Which? best buy 2016 award

  • Quiet Mark approved, assuring you of ultra-quiet operation in your home

Features and benefits: 

  1. EcoTEC plus comprises a full range of heating control options, from a simple boiler timer right up to  Vaillant’s vSMART™ smartphone app for heating on the go
  2. EcoTEC plus has a wide modulation of 1:6, meaning the boiler can lower itself  to use just 16% of its maximum power to give you the exact heating output required, which ultimately lowers fuel bills. Think of it like pressing the accelerator of your car to adjust power and speed.


Providing instant hot water without the need for a tank, the ecoTEC pro combination boiler is compact enough to fit small to medium homes with average hot water consumption, and comes in a range of outputs.

  • Tried and tested heat exchanger built in high quality stainless steel meaning increased efficiency, decreased fuel bills
  • Stylish contoured case design with a bright and simple to use backlit display easy operation of the boiler
  • Quiet Mark approved, assuring you of ultra-quiet operation in your home.
  • Which? Best buy 2016 accredited

Features and benefits: 

  1. ecoTEC pro combination boilers feature a wide modulation of 1:4, for a high level of efficiency with lower fuel bills meaning the boiler can adapt itself to give only the exact heating output you require which ultimately lowers fuel bills. Much like pressing on the gas pedal of your car to adjust power and speed
  2. Incorporates a full range of thermostat controls, from simple analogue timers that plug easily into the boiler front to Vaillant vSMART™ app based control


Usually installed with a hot water cylinder this system boiler can be filled directly from the water mains, meaning that you (normally) won’t need a cold water tank in the loft, and it will ensure you have a large body of water stored for use in your home.

Using premium components for outstanding performance, and featuring innovations such as a new high efficiency pump for reduced energy consumption, this range offers quality, reliability and efficiency – the very best in home heating.

The range is available in a wide range of output models including 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 30kW and 37kW meaning there is a suitable model for almost any home. The stylish design and small dimensions also make it a perfect fit with your home and your lifestyle.

Features & Benefits

  • For the best results and most cost effective system, we would carry out a full heat loss calculation. By taking into consideration the age and size of your property, the installer will be able to determine which model is best suited for your home
  • The installation of a Vaillant ecoTEC system boiler typically takes between 1-2 days, however some time should be allocated for systems where radiators and pipe work need replacing.
  • Which? Best Buy and Quiet Mark awarded
  • Highly efficient and economical to run with up to an 89.4% efficiency rating (SAP 2009)
  • Dedicated models available for LPG for off gas areas
  • Stylish contoured case design with drop down flap making this a boiler which fits with the decor of any home